• XPJ 180HS

    XPJ 180HS

    Product Introduction This product is a general silicone defoaming agent. The unique formula of silicone polyether emulsifier combined with advanced emulsion technology makes this defoamer  possess rapid defoaming performance and ultra-high compatibility. It can maintain the original state without precipitation in high-speed shear and maintain the defoaming ability. Characteristic This defoamer  possess rapid defoaming performance and ultra-high compatibility.It can maintain the orig...
  • XPJ530B


    Type:XPJ 530B Long-term antifoaming, chemical stability, good heat resistance, good compatibility Classes Defoamer for petroleum drilling fluid Ingredients Modified polymer silicon polyether, mineral oil and dispersant Characteristic 1. This product is packed in 200KG plastic drum or 1000KG IBC container. The product will be valid for two years if stored in a cool and dry place. 2. This product is packed in 200KG plastic drum or 1000KG IBC container. The product will be v...
  • XPJ750 High Quality And Attractive Price Food Defoamer Manufacturer

    XPJ750 High Quality And Attractive Price Food Defoamer Manufacturer

    Product Description The compound defoamer is a food additive which executes the national standard 【GB26687-2011】. According to 【GB2760-2014】, the compound defoamer belongs to the process aids which need to specify the function and scope of use. The compound defoamer is used in fermentation process, and it is higher in defoaming speed and longer in durability than polyether defoamer. The product can be widely used in many fermentation processes, such as glutamic acid, lysine, leucine,...
  • XPJ530 Drilling Fluid Polyether Composite Defoamer

    XPJ530 Drilling Fluid Polyether Composite Defoamer

    Product Description XPJ530 is an excellent drilling fluid defoamer, the effective substance content of the product is 100%, so there is no freezing pHenomenon under low temperature conditions, which is very convenient for drilling operation. It is widely used in freshwater, seawater, saline with high salinity and saturated saline drilling fluid. Its main features are as follows: non-toxic, odorless, non-corrosive, high-temperature, anti-pollution, good compatibility, no fluorescence, no ...
  • XPJ560 Cementing Cement Defoamer

    XPJ560 Cementing Cement Defoamer

    Product Description XPJ560 is specially designed for defoaming of cementing slurry in oilfield. During cementing operation, many additives are used in cementing slurry, resulting in foam during slurry distribution, thus changing slurry density and other properties, resulting in unwarranted on-site construction quality, even gas (water) channeling accidents, resulting in unnormal construction or failure. XPJ560 has strong defoamability, which can effectively inhibit the influence of air b...
  • XPJ650 Defoamer for Alumina Industry

    XPJ650 Defoamer for Alumina Industry

    Product Description XPJ650 is a special defoamer for alumina production. It is a unique defoamer with no silicon in oils. It can eliminate foam and inhibit the production of foam in Bayer process alumina production. It can be used in alumina production process decomposition tank, red mud sink. In the whole decomposition tank, the effect of defoaming and foaming suppression is persistent. It is effective in a wide range of pH. The antifoaming agents we provide are formulated using advance...
  • XPJ880 Evaporative crystallization Defoamer

    XPJ880 Evaporative crystallization Defoamer

    Product Description XPJ880 is a high temperature resistant defoamer made by high-grade fatty alcohol, amide, polyether and other materials through special process. It has the advantages of stable defoaming and persistent foam suppression under strong alkali and high temperature. For example, in the coal chemical evaporation crystallizer, a large amount of foam is frequently generated. After the foam is generated in the crystallizer, the amount of water treated by the crystallizer is red...
  • XPJ890 universal polyether defoamer

    XPJ890 universal polyether defoamer

    Product Description XPJ890 is a special mature, practical low-cost, competitive general-purpose polyether defoamer. The product has good hydropHilicity, so there is no residue in the chemical process. Due to the use of special demetallization and salt ion refining process production, it has better defoaming and antifoaming than similar products. It is recommended to be used in acrylonitrile production, PVC polymerization process, styrene degassing system in styrene-butadiene rubber unit ...
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