• XPJ920 Mineral Oil Emulsion Paint Defoamer

    XPJ920 Mineral Oil Emulsion Paint Defoamer

    Product Description XPJ920 is a highly emulsifiable liquid defoamer, especially suitable for low viscosity pigment-free coating system and emulsion polymerization process. XPJ920 is used as a rapid emulsifying defoamer in pigment containing system. Because of good solubility, it can be added at any stage of paint production; It can be dispersed in aqueous solution or organic solvent; It can be used in the process of polymer emulsion synthesis to avoid bubble formation; A good effect can ...
  • XPJ995 Latex Products Defoamer

    XPJ995 Latex Products Defoamer

    Product Introduction XPJ995 is a kind of wetting defoamer used in latex industry or water-based dip coating. They are acetylene glycol modified defoamer. The product has excellent foam breaking ability that can control the foam produced by surfactant and remove microbubbles. The antifoaming agents we provide are formulated using advanced chemicals under the supervision of our experienced professionals. Advanced formulations and advanced technologies are used to ensure a high level of per...